“Implementing tomorrows technology into today’s world.”

Mamon Tech

The manifestation of Ideas & Innovations

As one of our first clients, Eagle Point Network is positioned to become a global leader in the smart home development industry. We provided tech support, implementation and consulting. We worked alongside engineers and entrepreneurs and together created a highly efficient design and product. Eagle Point includes luxury and technology but most importantly evokes comfort and peace of mind.

Our strategic partnership with Eagle Point Network has provided us with many resources and insights into how the latest technology can be implemented and utilized. Our experiences have provided us with a number of partnerships which enable Mamon Corp to offer a wide range of solutions. Whether you’re a small startup or just need to take your idea to the next level, we can get you there.


Smart Living

We at Mamon Tech understand the importance of natural resources. We look to promote and distribute energy efficient technology to enhance comfort and quality of life.


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Wellness Tech

Mamon Tech supports the enrichment of life through the implementation of the latest technology as well as timeless natural remedies. Live happy… Live better


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The Future, Now

Mamon Tech and its partners connect our clients with innovative and creative technology from around the world with a vision of making it available to the global market


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Tech Services

We at Mamon Tech provide IT services and products directly from certificated technicians and consultants. We can help organization, optimize and secure your information.


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