Transforming quality of Life

Mamon Corp. introduces Smart living, a unique blend of efficiency, technology and style. Along with many customize-able features and amenities, we offer a modern day, low maintenance, hybrid living solution that provides the convenience of technology with the comfort of a traditional home.

The structures we build are more than just living space. We build the foundation of unity, fellowship and family within an environmentally friendly structure that slashes utility bills by nearly a third. We reduce the dependency on traditional power sources through the use of solar, wind, geothermal and other alternative energy solutions.

Comfort Zones

Our architects, designers and engineers all share a common goal to provide homeowners with a relaxing comfortable environment.  With standard options such as elevators, and rooftop living we look to provide accessibility and piece of mind for everyone.

Eco Friendly

Our engineers have developed a hybrid structure that is both low maintenance and efficient. Through our patented methods we are able to include a wide variety of high tech enhancements and options that can improve your quality of life.

Storage & Space

Through our patented design we can offer an unique amount of storage and space. With ceilings ranging from 16 ft and higher the possibilities of options are endless

Family & Youth

We understand the importance of a home being about family. We offer many options that are youth oriented and have communities under development in family friendly regions.