Corporate Events

“Whether its a corporate environment, business association, non-profit, or government agency, we offer expertise in creating unique unforgettable experiences.”

Seminars, Conferences and Trade-shows

We at Mamon have many years of experience helping organizations plan meetings and corporate events with various targeted audiences in mind. We offer branded collateral and displays along with event planning, advertising and promotional products.

Many logistical details exist to assure that our client’s presentation; trade show booth, signage, promotional materials and giveaways all represent the image of your organization. We at Mamon do our best to present your brand at the highest standard.


Appreciation, Fundraising and Team Events

Mamon offers various corporate programs that allows an event host to spend informal time with its guests in a non-traditional environment, giving both parties an opportunity to build a stronger more meaningful relationship. Appreciation events can range from programs geared toward employees to those for showing clients, both of which have become a staple in corporate world.

With years of fundraising experiences we can help your organization achieve it’s goals with limitless possibilities. A few types of appreciation and fundraising events that we offer include:

  • Dinner and Music
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Day and evening cruises
  • Private parties at music festivals
  • Wine tours
  • Holiday parties 
  • Group event tickets

Open House and Product Launch Events

An open house or product launch event requires communication and cooperation with everyone within your company. We at Mamon will help utilize your team by providing them with the tools to communicate your companies missions products and or services.

These type of events are generally meant to generate media coverage and industry buzz prior to a product’s release or grand opening. A launch event may vary in size depending on the introduction of product and services. We can work with both small and large organizations to enhance your event and start your endeavors in an impressive manner.