Automated Marketing

The new frontier of business-to-business communication

A decade ago marketing automation systems didn’t exist as a category of marketing technology for business. Sure, in practice, we could automate marketing activities through email marketing broadcast, campaign management and CRM systems. But today, marketing automation and artificial intelligence are an established category of marketing technology, particularly for business-to-business marketing. Automation has rightly gained a lot of attention as a smart method of integrating prospect and customer marketing communications across the customer lifecycle.

Marketing automation enables businesses to automate tasks in the marketing and sales process to convert leads to sales. It includes automated welcome and nurture email sequences, lead scoring, and personalization of email and web pages based on profile and interaction with communication and content.

Marketing automation offers many opportunities to deliver engaging messages and content throughout the customer lifecycle to encourage conversion to sale. It came to prominence for B2B marketing where it is commonly used to nurture leads so they can be qualified as a marketing qualified lead that can be then followed-up using personal selling. But marketing automation applies in any industry sector and works well in consumer businesses, too.

Applications of marketing automation

  • Informing about new offers and promotions
  • Informing subscribers about company news
  • Educating about the product and related topics
  • Consumer onboarding
  • Asking for feedback and/or sourcing new ideas
  • Promoting other communication channels
  • Informing about transaction and other status
  • Qualified lead generation
  • Detailed tracking and reporting

Source: Email Marketing & Marketing Automation Excellence 2017 Report

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